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Prolific. Ingenious. Artistic.


Innovation is the reward we seek to sustain.

Technology has parsed times and here we are pioneering an industry dominated by artificial intelligence for your retail customers.

Toch has a desirable manner of delivering OTT to the users.

Intelligence behind the tech:

  • Geographies
  • Celebrities
  • Accessories
  • Merchandise
  • Activities

Toch is the world's first interactive video platform that comes with widgets and mobile applications, empowering users to shop at the exact moment a product catches their eye. The technology tags actions, activities, people, and products allowing users to notice and interact more in videos. Proven to increase engagement up to nine times higher compared to a static link at the bottom of the video frame. These tags encourage viewers to explore additional content which otherwise goes unnoticed, and therefore creates an overall immersive experience.


Technology becomes experience when it’s applied. A paradise for shopping lovers, and the celeb seeders. Find the most fascinating thing from a video and click on it to buy it.


Liked a place you see in a scene or a song? Toch it to know more about it.


Fascinated by the super cool watch or a hat or a pair of glares, toch it and buy it.


Wanna copy the look of a celebrity? Wanna know the price of what your favourite actor is wearing? Toch. Discover. Shop.

Live the pink.

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