Enthral your customers in a beautiful adventure of video interaction

Our technology will keep your customers hitched to you.



Hours streamed

After streaming millions of hours of videos, we now know what will work for your business.


Products tagged

From accessories, to merchandise, to locations; our smart technology tags everything. Literally!


Aggregate Views

Amplify your reach and increase your views hooking your customers to the awesomeness.

What can we do for your asset

Toch offers a value proposition for video creators/owners and product companies alike.
The world awaits you:

What’s your property?


Every video houses piles of taggable products which your viewers might be interested in buying. Toch will help you to make your video shop-able. Get your video tagged against our library of products.


Toch tags a company's product to most relevant scenes inside the video and display it to the viewers linking it to e-commerce websites.

Your objective


Equip yourself with the power of video in your business

Use the power of video interaction to translate your business goals into success stories.

Re-engage lost customers

Give your customers a reason to stay. Hook them with an element of obsession.

Increase CTR’s & Conversions

Let your metrics define our value proposition. Act, Measure, Rinse, Repeat.

Add V-commerce to your business

Revolution is just technology before it gets recognised. Use it before it gets common.

Magnify customer experience

Good is the enemy of great. Make a seamless experience as the default setting with Toch.


Capture your chance to capture your customers

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